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Devcon3 videos available now!

Posted byuserMing Chan on November 26th, 2017.

To accommodate the biggest post-devcon request, we’re happy to announce that Devcon3 videos are now available for viewing! As promised, we recorded sessions from both the main hall and breakout hall on all four days of Devcon3. Given we had two halls instead of one this year, and also added a full forth day of presentations, […]




Posted byuserMing Chan on November 16th, 2017.

A note from the ED: A big thanks to our attending dev community, presenters, internal team, sponsors, enthusiasts, volunteers, event team, students and other stakeholders for coming together for another phenomenal Devcon3! First of all, yes, video of all sessions, both from the Main Hall and Breakout Hall will be posted on the blog.nyoc Foundation YouTube channel […]